July 31, 2010

Copic Sketch Marker and Tombow

Hello Everyone,

This Is My Personal Collections. I Love Marker, especially  Copic Sketch Marker and Tombow Marker. Until now, I already have more than 236 Colors Copic Marker and 90 Colors Tombow Marker. YummY Colors :)

Love The Colors...

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July 29, 2010


Happy.. that my Coasters and Tags Pict are in the Blog Check This Out

My Coasters

Vintage... Tags or Bookmarks

July 27, 2010

Match Game Card

This Game is inspired from Games on my iPhone.

How To Make "Match Game" Card:

Cut square or a circle of 12 Yellow card (220gram) and 12 Watercolor Paper(230gram).

Then make two similar image of 12 cards.Coloring (i use Copic Scetch Marker)and Glue (UHU+Glossy Accents) with Yellow square paper...

Playing Game Card

July 26, 2010

My Note Pocket


How To Make Memo/Note:
pict 1:

pict 2:

use perforating Blade.

pict 3:

How To Make House Pocket:

pict 1:

pict 2:

pict 3:

pict 4:

pict 5:

Mini Memo

This home picture is a mini memo.
I use 90 gram Paper for the mini memo picture (Red Paper),for green paper i use a hard paper. and for the "home box", I use a 220 gram paper. For background, I use a 200 gram watercolor paper. I attach background to the paper board so it is strong enough to hold mini memo.

enter the memo (green=red paper=roof) into a small "box house"

I hope this explanation is understandable.

July 18, 2010


How to make background of the Pict:

Take the two sheet of white glossy card.d Drib the ink refill on to one of the sheets in random patter. (I use Vintage Ink-Ranger: citrus lame,apple cinnamon,lavender).

Spritz the card with water to spread out the drops of ink

Lay the second sheet of card carefully over the first and firmly smoth the two layer together

Peel the two sheets of card apart.

Leave to dry

Select the part,then stamp image. Be very careful when applying the stamp to the inked background as it may slip on the glossy surface. ( I use jet black Stazon).

Thanks For Looking...

Rina Damayanti HK

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July 15, 2010

Charity For Village of KebanAgung,Bengkulu- Indonesia

The sales of my cards reaches to rp. 10million or usd 1,100.-.... It is for charity to give to poors in village of Kebanagung-Bengkulu.
Thanks for Support...

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Handmade Greeting Card: Coasters

Handmade Greeting Card: Coasters


This is my coasters by Rina.
Below image, i use flanel fabric. It's cut according to the size of the image, then it was stick underneath. The purpose is that the item will not be easily moved under glass.
Stamp all image on min 200gr watercolor cardstock using jet black-Stazone.
Colouring Sentiment with Copic sketch Marker. Colouring background with distress ink.  

Thanks for looking


Win!! Suprise...
Just follow this link to see and comment on this photo:

July 4, 2010

My Lovely Obi..


obi went to see doctor. he throws up... now,he looks active againt