May 9, 2011

Don't Ask Me

Hi Everyone,

Please do not ask me what my favorite stamps. I will find them very difficult to tell. I like all kind of stamps. Each kind of stamps has its own feature. All we need to do is explore every image of stamps according to our own style.

Please also do not ask which is my favorite dies template or embossing folder. Dies template or embossing folder assist us to that, they help us to speed up our process of making cards.

The one that you may ask me is which brand of coloring i like. I love Copic, Distrees Ink and Carand'Ache. Their colors are easy to blend, has a liveful color and is not easy to get "Clotting".

And ask me about my Favorite embellishment, the answer is Baker's Twine especially from The Twinery and Pearls!
Baker's Twine from The Twinery is made from 100% cotton, it's eco-friendly and made in the USA. Whether you're gift wrapping, crafting or tying up baked goods to give to a friend, Baker's twine from The Twinery adds a fresh, yet nostalgic look to any project at hand! Baker's twine From The Twinery comes in 11 delicious colors and is uniquely twisted against a bright white hue, creating an eye-popping burst of color and a creative embellishment! Baker's Twine from The Twinery has lots of color which lends to a fun, candy-striped look. 
I just LOVE my Twine from The Twinery!!
Check out all fabulous Twine in all the Beautiful colors!! And check out The Twinery Blog HERE for lots of inspiration and tutorials!! And View Flickr Photostream too...

And i already have 11 Yummy Colors from The Twinery,  I Love it!

My Baker's Twine from The Twinery

My Card and Tag For Today

Card Close Up

Tag Close Up

The Thing that you got to remember is to explore. It is important to explore colors, stamps, papers and tools, therefore you got your own styles. Everybody has its own different styles and skills.

What also important in making cards are love, happiness and excitement. Then, please try to join challenge, off course not because of the prize/ prize. With joining the challenge, we will know our own level of skills and moreover, you will have many friends from all around the world.
For Info Cas-ual Fridays has its first challenge this week. The Theme is Texting Skills. Come and Join, It is Fun Challenge!!
How beauty it is to make cards :)

The Challenges i join are:
- Hero Arts

Happy Creating