May 21, 2011

Welcome Back

Hi Welcome Back,

I and Hubby finally finish my holiday in Dubai. I love Dubai because its foods are rich of spices, it has newest movie in cinemas, it cheap branded products, it has modern city and the city never dies.

Dubai's look from 124th floor Burj Al Khalifa



It is pity that i could not find any scrapbook/ card store in Dubai :(

This time, i am not making a card, yet, i am making envelope. This envelope is made especially by myself because the envelope sold in store is difficult to be colored using copic marker. Using that envelope, the ink may spread and the color becomes dirty.


To make envelope, i choose a white paper which is compatible to copic and ink pad. Then, using an envelope template bought at Kinokuniya Dubai, i design an envelope following the template's line. Next, i cut it. I stamp the front page of the made envelope, and color it with copic marker.

To maintain the color of image and shiny look, i apply Glue n Seal from Ranger (multi purposed glue and sealer/ vernis) on the image.

I apply Glue n Seal-Ranger on the Image (the image very Shiny)

Glue n Seal

- Envelope, Penny Black
- Get Sticky, Wee Memories

envelope micey

I hope you are all happy welcoming my envelope :)