June 20, 2010

Every Moment (part 2) Inside Card

The Process of making this fishbowl card:

First, put a stamp fish bowl at the front page/cover of a card, then the hole (with shape of fish bowl) is cut. After that, put a transparent plastic on the hole. Next, get a new separated page, and put a glue between the front page/cover and this new separated inside-page. Stick them together. The new inside page must be shorter/smaller than the front page.

Cloud image: put a stamp "cloud-image" on the inside-page, so, there is a picture of cloud at inside-page. Make another "cloud-image" using the same stamp on another clean paper, cut the cloud image and stick it (temporarily only) on the top of  first picture of cloud to cover the previous cloud image , then put a stamp of "sun-image" above it. After the sun-image on place, please take out the paper with the temporary cloud image.

Color of sea: use a brush and put a water on the inside paper (exactly on place for the sea drawing). Then, use a distress ink and hit it gently to create an image of sea wave. In addition, draw other images and  other images are colored using distress inks.

The first idea is just to draw a fish in the small fish bowl. Yet, after making a hole on the fish bowl, new ideas come out. In short, the card theme is a sea scene inside the card. Hence, I hardly explain more details because many ideas are out so sudden during the process of card creation, such as putting images/stamps here and there.

It seems insufficient if the card is looked empty.

Thanks for seeing/commenting on my designed card.

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