August 17, 2010

Tea Time For a while

17 August, it is an Indonesia Independence day holiday which is the same date as my Dad birthday.

Today weather is rainy and cold in Jakarta. It is the best if we chat and drink Camoline tea with snacks.

Tea Time 18 august 2010
This Card is made with idea of having tea and snacks time..

How To Make:
1. Put stamp Big Cup and What's Cooking (All Hero Arts) on 200gr watercolor Paper.

2. Color the image with Copic Marker,then Cut them with scissor. Stick the cutting image on red cardstock paper which has been punched using CarlaCraft punch and use it as a border.

3. Put a sentiment wording stamp follow a flow of hot tea (Steam coming out of the cup).

4. Make a little tea bag and give a brown rope,also stick it on the cup tea


5. Give a Milled Lavender Distress Stickles in the middle line of the cup

Here my Card..

Enjoy Your Day



Dwita said...

Hi Rina, I just found your blog. Very pretty creation you have here... I'll put you, too, in my blog under "Adorable Blogs" later on. The blogspot is not at its good path right now..


Afayoune said...

Clever Idea.. Hehehhe..
Rin, Idenya keren2.. Ga salah pernah kepilih HA jd pemenang.