September 8, 2010


Wednesday SEPTEMBER, 08

We just arrived in Bengkulu today and went to Mosque directly to donate for a development of the mosque.

After donating money, signing donating form,we took photograph with the caretaker of the Mosque.

Then, we continued our trip to orphanage house. It was only 10 minutes away driving from the mosque.

All donations to Mosque and orphanage house are coming from the sales proceed of Rina's handmade greeting card.

At the caretaker, usually called by Umi, took care of 53 children.

Since the orphanage lacked of money/ funds, the condition of the house was not in a good condition. The house was not clean, and many children slept on the one thin bed the floor.
The children's condition were very pity. Again, after taking pictures, chatting, praying, we dismissed ourselves.

Tired due to lack of sleep, we returned back to our hotel, not my Mommy house.

At my back is a Beach.

This is a Balcony facing a beach.

Our hotel is facing swimming pool and beach.
Hmmmm.... it is a beautiful view and panorama.

We Continue Tomorrow.. CU

Note: Free WiFi from Hotel



Dwita said...

Hi Rina, you're so tall. And so generous, giving gifts to the mosques. Bless you on your trips...

Beebeebabs said...

Wow that is great being soo generous thanks for sharing!!!

Afayoune said...

Waaaah udah sampai bengkulu yah? Rina asli Bengkulu?
Ke Balinya kapan Rin? Mudah2an bisa foto bareng Rina di Bali.. LOL